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Michael Van Beber has been working with photography for over 35 years, and is an experienced wilderness landscape photographer. He strives to find the best shots nature has to offer, and make each image more exceptional than the last. Michael has been published in several magazines, and had his work featured on the cover of Photography Week. Being a Colorado native, nearly all of his photographs are of the beautiful Colorado area.

Artist Statement:
Native Americans referred to it as a magic moment, a place of Good Medicine (Healing to the Spirit). You may see it around the next bend in a river, or on the other side of the next ridge. It could be the way the light passes through the trees, or how it falls on the forest floor. It may be just as simple as a single leaf floating on the puddle in your path. This feeling taken in from the scene before you may well be tranquil, harmonious or even euphoric; it may transpire differently from one person to the next. Nevertheless it is considered Medicine to the Soul. This medicine has inspired songwriters, poets, artists and photographers alike, and has been an inspiration to me from the time I was a boy.
Growing up in the outdoors of Colorado my world revolved around nature, walking and being with nature has not only inspired me but helped me through life and all of its challenges. When I entered the world of photography in 1976, I discovered a way to help visually express my love for Mother Earth via the lens of a camera. My greatest dream is presenting to you, the viewer, the same wonderful sensations I feel when I am with her.


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